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Poster: stephenyeargin Date: Jan 6, 2019 12:48pm
Forum: texts Subject: Suggested metadata for archived newspapers

(There doesn't seem to be a 'newspapers' forum, so I'm opening this topic here.)

I've been archiving issues of The Pacer for a while now and I wanted to see if there were any standards (or at least what-makes-a-great-collection guidelines) for storing newspapers.

At minimum, I have the following fields (aside from the standard required):

  • title - {publication} - {long form date, e.g. May 1, 1950}

  • date - publish date of the issue in YYYY-MM-DD

  • description - Description of the collection of newpapers the issue belongs to, for context.

  • volume - student newspapers have academic years, numbered 1 for the first and resetting every fall

  • issue - the displayed issue number; These are sometimes wrong, but I record whatever it says

I'm interested in hearing what other folks might be keeping up with.

I wanted to record the OCLC and LCCN of the publication with each issue, but it turns out that the derive function of this website will overwrite data when I do that. So I'm not sure how to store it without risking that.

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